The Rex Cadman Collection of Glass Plate images depicting military personnel and equipment, wartime training and civilian life before, during and after the Second World War.
Although the locations of the images are known to be predominently in Kent, precise information on many is unknown.
Number of archive images - 3985

Current image Category - ALL IMAGES: 1001-1500

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Ref. No: WanPs-1001

Ref. No: WanPs-1002

Ref. No: WanPs-1003

Ref. No: WanPs-1004

Ref. No: WanPs-1005

Ref. No: WanPs-1006

Ref. No: WanPs-1007

Ref. No: WanPs-1008

Ref. No: WanPs-1009

Ref. No: WanPs-1010

Ref. No: WanPs-1011

Ref. No: WanPs-1012

Ref. No: WanPs-1013

Ref. No: WanPs-1014


Ref. No: WanPs-1015

Ref. No: WanPs-1016

Ref. No: WanPs-1017

Ref. No: WanPs-1018

Ref. No: WanPs-1019

Ref. No: WanPs-1020


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